The Sky Fell

The Great Flood of the Bible is sometimes used as an example of how ridiculous the Bible can be. Folks that want to discount the claims of the Bible will often point to the great flood as described in Genesis in the Bible and how it would be impossible for the flood to have covered the Earth and how in the would could Noah have been able to fit all those animals in that small boat.

It is noteworthy that in almost all civilizations tell of a great flood in the past and it is entirely true that mankind was centrally located and an observer in that area could very well have assumed that world consisted of everything they could see from their past to that time.

Of course, they had no way of knowing how big the Earth was at the time nor how vast all of the earth could have been. Their view of the world could have only been a mere 500 miles in each direction. So all the animals of the earth could have only been the animals that were native to that portion of the Earth, thus reducing the floor space required in the ark.

Noah's Ark 2

Likewise it is also plausible that the flood only covered the portion of the Earth that they assumed was all of the Earth however there are other considerations that modern man must also take note of.

We now know there is a band of the Earth's mantle that lies approximately 225-410 miles deep in the crust that contains a mineral called Ringwoodite which has water trapped under great pressures and could contain 1.5% water. It is estimated that this area could contain 3 times the volume of water that covers the surface of the earth. A recent find of this mineral has confirmed the existence of this material.

Ark Encounter theme park opened in Williamstown, Kentucky, July 7, 2016 with a full size replica of the Biblical version.

Noah's Ark