Practically Speaking

There are many opinions on how long man has been on the earth and evolutionists often think creationists are crazy to believe that man and the universe could only be a mere thousands of years old. Both should consider both could partially be right. Another option that exists is that the universe is billions of years old and man has been here hundreds of thousands of years.

Man is different from all other animals in that he has much higher mental capabilities, extremely more intelligent and then the fundamental difference is that he has a soul. There also exists the possibility that God did indeed create a man like creature much earlier however only thousands of years age endowed the creature with a soul.

Man commonly attempts to assign attributes to God that are his expectations of men. For example when criminals are sent to prison for a set period of time we often allow them to exit through early parole.

God has established the laws by which we are to operate in the old testament and if we break even one law we are then guilty.