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Everything that we can see had a beginning. We can trace back the creation of the Universe to just fractions of a second. All that is, time, matter, events have no meaning prior to that beginning point. All laws of physics break down at that point.  Even cause and effect most likely have no meaning prior to the beginning. Our senses fit this world only and even discussing what was before the beginning is like asking how old green is or what color is nothing. 

There is amazing evidence that points to our existence in another realm when we die. Some of the stories from those that have entered even a portion of this realm indicate we are in for the surprise of our life when we die. 

At the turn of the 20th century, materialism took hold of common thought. Materialism simply meant that everything we see, touch and feel was made of matter in the form of electrons, protons, and neutrons. The atom was the essence of all we knew which was solid material.



We soon learned there was another world which is very strange, defied logic and forced man to acknowledge he did not yet know it all. This world has become known as quantum mechanics or the quantum world.

It is truly a bizarre world where particles pop in and out of existence.  These particles communicate with one another over vast distances, instantaneously by a process known as quantum entanglement. While we have proven quantum entanglement does occur, we do not understand why.

What this new quantum world has done is make all those stories about ghosts, spirits, and boogie men, a bit more possible. It turns out the screen that you are reading this page on could be even less real than the spirit world and religious fanatics may not be fanatics, after all, imagine that!.

Some people have had experiences known as OBE's (out of body experiences) and NDE's (near death experiences). These are experiences where people may find they are not bound by their physical body and exist separate from their bodies. Some people return with details that could not have been gained unless that person existed outside their body. 

It just so happens that with improvements in resuscitation techniques and emergency care, these experiences have become more common. It is estimated there have been some 13 million of these experiences in the US alone and these reports are documented throughout the world.

Just a few decades ago man thought that the Milky Way (the galaxy in which we live) was the extent of the Universe. When the Hubble Telescope was launched in the 1990's we began to see there were billions and quite possibly trillions of more galaxies like the Milky Way out there and the Milky Way was but a speck in it all. 

Today, we are able to see back in time some 13.8 billion light years (81,124,857,236,160,000,000,000 miles) into space and while it is often assumed to be the age of the universe, that assumption may very well be wrong and could extend infinitely. When looking for information on our solar system, galaxy and ultimately the universe you will come across different sizes and ages because it continues to change as we learn more about the world we live.  

In 2016 NASA released a new estimate of the number of galaxies in the universe which is 10 times the former estimate of billions of galaxies and it increased it to trillions of galaxies. When a new generation telescope named the James Webb Telescope launches in late 2018 that number may rise even higher.

This past century has taught us that even time and space are far more fluid and less defined as we once thought. With new particle colliders such as the Large Hadron Collider  (LHC)  physicists are able to smash protons together at astounding energies. We are learning there are many smaller components of particles which themselves can exhibit strange behavior..

Scientists are even exploring the possibilities of additional dimensions that are far beyond our perception. It could be that soon, we will see actual evidence of additional dimensions all around us. This could even point to the possibility of a spiritual world all around us that our human senses simply cannot perceive.

Scientists have recently had to declare that there must be far more "something" out there because when observing the motion of galaxies and other bodies, they can not explain what holds galaxies together. The current laws of physics fall short of an explanation. They have come to believe there must be some new matter which is undetectable by any means we current possess. They have named this new unseen and undetectable "something" dark matter and dark energy that together must make up about 95% of our universe. This new matter would explain why stars on the outer perimeter of galaxies traveled approximately the same speed of those closer to the interiors which should not occur with known laws.

We have also had to change our position on the expansion of our universe. Scientists have determined that it is not only expanding but the expansion is accelerating, once again pointing to dark matter and dark energy as the culprits. 

Now that is the big stuff, the small stuff is equally perplexing. The smallest measure of length with any meaning to the scientific community is the Planck length (0.000000000000000000000000000000000016 meters), which is more of a concept rather than a measurable length.

Doesn't it seem a bit odd that we can readily accept there can be a much larger unseen universe that consists of 95% of our world however if you mention God in some circles, they could believe in dark matter and dark energy before they could believe God.

The video below puts some perspective on the "known" universe. It is most likely much, much larger however it is impossible to know due to physical constraints on time and space.

The Earth vs The Universe