The Reports

It has been said the most difficult place for a man / woman to imagine themselves is dead or dying.  We just assume we will be alive tomorrow, after all nothing has happened yet!

Stop!  ---- Think about it, you are dying and you know it and only have 5 minutes left,  and you could be thinking - this cannot be happening to me, its not fair!. What are you thinking?

What have you not told others you wished you had?

What did you mean to do tomorrow?

The biggest question on your mind most likely is --- what happens next?

Where am I going to be in 6 minutes?

Do you believe in a God?

Are you sure He is there?

We do not prefer to go there if we can occupy our mind with more pleasant thoughts. When we lose a relative, mate, child or friend we all console one another and say things like "they are in heaven and looking down on us, taking care of us or speaking to us.  Do we really believe that, or is that simply platitudes to distract our minds from going any further with the thought.

There is a certainty in life, we will all die based on historical evidence. There is one estimate that there has been approximately 110 billion people on earth and all have died.  Even if you consider today alone there are 7.25 billion people alive, most will be dead in another 100 years.

Have you every really considered what happens when we die? Would it surprise you to know that due to modern medicine there have been around 13 million NDE’s (near death experiences) or OBE’s (out of body experiences) in the US alone. Some of these documented cases have contained experiences which cannot be explained apart from the individual actually being separated from the location of their physical body and gaining information from a different location away from their body.

These experiences are well documented! This implies there is a human spirit that exists separate from the body. If this is so, then I would think that those that have believed we simply cease to exist after death might find this a bit troubling, especially if they do not believe in a God.