So now the real question is do you believe in life after death. Most materialists would prefer not to think about death because they have a hard time turning loose of anything they can tow, count, or spend. We tend to think there will come a time, later in life when we will be disabled, sick or simply slow down due to age and when that day comes, we will then consider the implications of what happens when we die. Unfortunately, this does not happen in many cases, and sudden death occurs without time to consider the results or say goodbye to loved ones or friends.

Some use lines used by characters in action movies like see you in hell to soften the blow, as if it is a place where bad guys go when they die, as if once there, they will continue their reckless lives, rather than a very horrible place that in truth, we would not want our worst enemy to experience even for a moment.

We often hear statements like "he or she is looking down on us" or "we know they are here with us" to soften the blow of a friend or loved one's death. While it may be possible, since Hebrews 12:1 states "Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us......." this may imply it is possible to see the good things happening to loved ones, since the verse is speaking about believers that have gone before us. Certainly, it is possible but it is difficult to believe that the bad happening to loved ones could be allowed since it would violate some of the promises of Heaven's characteristics.

On the other hand for those that meet a more dire demise, the Bible teaches something very different. In Luke 16:26 it states "And besides all this, between us and you there is a great chasm fixed, so that those who wish to come over from here to you will not be able, and that none may cross over from there to us".  Hell, is a place where evil has been separated from any good and the two are very incompatible. Although this is not addressing the chasm between Hell and the living on Earth, it likely would apply though.

Some think that if there is a God, He would never send us to a horrible place like Hell for eternity when in fact they miss the very point that He does not desire that any of us would choose not to be with Him. God created mankind with free will and issued rules to live by and told mankind that the punishment for not following the law was death. God intervened and sent Christ to pay the bill with Christ's death for us, simply because He did wish us all to be with Him. If a person does not want to accept it, each person has that choice, however, each person must then pay with his own death and punishment in Hell.  

It is similar to the way our laws work. We make laws to protect ourselves and others and when we break those laws we cannot blame the lawmakers but rather ourselves. If the laws were not enforced there would be chaos. 

God had told the first man and woman that should they disobey Him the penalty was death and of course they went against God's rules, just like all of us would have done had we been in Adam and Eve's position, just like Ole Mose

For those that try to minimize what God did consider that throughout the Old Testament, God choreographed events such that He set the stage for Christ to fulfill His plan. God directed Old Testament folks to make sacrifices of sheep as a symbol of the promise He made to bail mankind out. Even the sheep had to be perfect and top of the line (no 3 legged or mangy ones) so that the people of the OT would understand how precious Christ's substitution would be. God then put Christ on Earth and Christ walked in our place as a mediator and bridge between us and God. Christ then took the beating for every one of us and made the payment so simple, easier than swiping a credit card, however, that swipe must come with an understanding of what was done. Christ PAID for us, but we have to understand how HUGE the bill was, we did not come cheap, Christ was beat almost to death, humiliated, slapped around some more, beat some more, whipped with a whip that shredded his skin, watched as soldiers pounded dull nails through his hands, strung up on a wooden torture machine and humiliated some more. And all this was His choice, He could have called thousands of Angels down to rescue Him at any point but he did not. When He died, He spent 3 Earth days in Hell while his body was being prepped and buried in a tomb and sealed with a huge stone. After 3 days he rose from the dead with a physical body. By the way, His tomb was guarded by a pack of Roman soldiers and they had an order not to let anyone get the body because they knew rumors would abound if someone did. Soldiers knew their guard came with severe sentence should they fail so they make sure there was no hanky-panky with the body. You can be sure His body was not stolen. 

After Christ ascended into Heaven all his closest followers suffered violent deaths due to their faith and they never did recant what they saw and experienced. 

Some have an easier time believing Ancient Aliens created us before they can believe God did what He did. Now how can it be easier to believe that some far away civilization came together against astronomical odds and their design just happened to fall together in an orderly evolutionary process which is counter to the laws of biology, molecular design, mathematical order, and those Ancient Aliens came here to put us together using genetic engineering. You gotta admit, it is painful for the brain to wrap around that convoluted plan.

The point of the Ancient Alien theory is to circumvent and provide an excuse and a smoke screen to the truth. There is an endless list of excuses for avoiding and not confronting the truth but those that do must know that making excuses is the same as rejecting God's provision for us. In an effort to dismiss the need for forgiveness we turn to even less credible theories like reincarnation, annihilation at death. We make God a god that is weak, ho-hum, light-handed, and an easy going kind of guy that will, in the end, let everyone into Heaven, because after all, He is a good God. 

God describes Himself quite differently, though. He is all knowing, has the power to blast a universe into existence, perfect in every manner, holy and just, He is a loving God and provider, however, He also is righteous and will not allow sin in His presence and therein lies the kicker, we must have that sin eliminated before we can be in His presence. Christ is the only solution since we cannot be good enough.

Some have no problem believing a house can be haunted or deceased family member is watching down on them but when it comes to God, well he is just that guy keeping an eye on everything, making sure things run smoothly. He is not that guy!

It all can be squeezed down into a few points. The Bible is the inspired words of God and therefore without error or it has errors and therefore cannot be the inspired words of God, for He Himself, claims to be perfect. If it is the His inspiration then surely it must be at least investigated, especially since it affects us each and every one.  We can reject the teachings but then we must be prepared for the consequences.

On the other hand, it could be a bunch of bunk. Concocted by a bunch of delusional toga wearing misfits  bent on pulling off the most awesome hoax in the universe. If so, they died for the perpetuation of their hoax  and got the last laugh, kinda.  I have bad news for you if this is your best argument, it does not hold water!

There is an unseen world all around us that is more real that anything before your eyes now. God is allowing us to learn more at an exponential rate and so the evidence mounts exponentially as well.

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. - 1 Peter 5:8

In the video below people are asked a question and cannot respond audibly.

Do You Believe?