As mentioned in earlier topics we live in a very materialistic world, where we feel confident that we understand everything around us, however, all that we see, is not actually there in a sense, but rather motion and unseen forces that are understood on a large scale but when we travel to the unseen small world of quantum mechanics, electrons, protons and neutrons, we find there are even smaller components called quarks, leptons and bosons that are even smaller that make up the electrons, protons and neutrons.

One theory of the quantum world is that everything is composed of a fundamental component called strings and the manner in which they vibrate determines what type particle they make up. If you inflated the size of an atom  to the size of our universe, a string would be the size of an average size tree. Consider there are approximately 20 trillion (20,000,000,000,000) atoms in an average grain of sand.

Of course, one of the spookiest things we find in the quantum world is that simply the act observing or watching an event can change the outcome of the event. The Dr. Quantum video below will illustrate what we mean. 

Dr. Quantum


What does the Dr. Quantum example tell us? It reveals contrary to materialistic belief, we do not know as much as we thought we did about the world around us, and that individuals with a religious perspective may be more credible than materialists.

Researchers have now proven teleportation in a sense by taking two Photon's, Photon 1 & Photon 2 (light particles) that are connected to one another by a process called Quantum Entanglement, sending Photon 2 to a distant location then allowing Photon 2 to interact with another Photon 3 at that location and almost miraculously and instantaneously the state of Photon 1 is changed according to what happened with the interaction of Proton 3 and Photon 2 back at the original sending point of Photon 2. Sounds pretty simple huh, no big deal right, except for the fact that Photon 2 could have been sent to the other side of the universe and it would have affected Photon 1 instantly. Although this effect has been proven, we do not understand why.

A recent discovery that has perplexed physicists is that we know the universe is expanding but now we know it is also accelerating as it expands. It is actually speeding up, and the only thing scientists can speculate, that could cause this is something called dark matter and energy. Dark matter and energy exists in about 95% of the universe, and we have no way of detecting it except for the effect it has on the rest of the universe.

Another weird and spooky fact is empty space is not really empty. Particles are constantly popping into and out of existence all over the place. They’re called virtual particles, but make no mistake - they’re very real and a proven fact. They exist for only a fraction of a second, which is long enough to break some fundamental laws of physics but quick enough that this doesn’t actually matter (like if you stole something from a store, but put it back on the shelf half a second later).

The following excerpts are from individuals that had an experience out of their bodies called NDE's (near death experience) and OBE's (out of body experiences). These are classic examples of events that cannot be explained by a materialistic viewpoint. 

Lady with an out of body experience that was hospitalized.

Then the pain stopped. I felt whole and free of the weight of all my senses. I sat up on the side of the bed and then was on my feet. I walked about three steps toward the wall and turned around and looked at the bed I left. The bed was not empty. I was in it and as still and white as the sheets that covered me. I then looked behind the bed and saw some monitoring machines. I wasn't scared. I remembered at that time that I was not in pain and was not hungry.  I did not need to rely on breathing. I felt light and happy. I looked down and noticed that I was not touching the floor. At that moment, I knew this was my chance to be free of the body that was in pain. I thought of my mom and family, but somehow knew they would be okay. I turned and walked toward the door. I opened it slowly and noticed it was like a dark closet. I seem to relate the darkness was a result of not being religious, but I was not concerned. Then I recalled my boyfriend's father was just trampled by a horse and wasn't expected to recover. I opened the door further and started to walk in, when I heard in my head a familiar voice saying to me, 'Stop! Go back your not ready.' I have heard this voice many times prior to this event which I won't talk about now. After this moderately deep masculine voice spoke, I said in my head, 'I can't leave Jan now, he couldn't take losing us both.' At that moment, I gasped for air and forced my glossy eyes open. Jan was at the end of the bed. I attempted to speak with him, so I could tell what just happened to me. He said 'shhh, I know, don't speak right now'.

Chris, A young man stabbed in the chest.

I knew I was dying and there was nothing to stop it.  My lungs were filling with blood and I knew I was drowning. I began reciting Psalms with no clue how I knew the verses I was reciting. Then I said the Lord's prayer and asked forgiveness.  I asked my dad to help me because more than anything I just wanted to see my dad.

The next thing I knew he was there holding me and telling me everything was alright. I was amazed that he looked about 25 years old. Then I realized I could breathe and I wasn't in the parking lot anymore. There were other people around and they, like my father, were all young. I knew these were all the people who knew and loved me in life but had moved on. Then my dad said he wanted me to meet someone.  He introduced a man named David to me. I don't know how I knew, but he was king David from the Bible. David asked if I would pray with him and we recited the Lord's prayer together. After that, we all talked for awhile.  I noticed a man standing nearby and he was watching me the entire time. I asked if that was Jesus and my dad said, 'Yes it is.' I asked why Jesus wasn't talking to me.  My dad said he was making a decision whether to take me then or send me back. I asked my dad what he thought and he said he didn't know.

After that, a lot of people came and spoke with me.  Both, dad and David, stayed with me the whole time. It seemed like I was there for days and spoke with a hundred or more people. Some of these people I had only seen as a baby.  I didn't recognize them but somehow knew who they were when they spoke to me. Some, I knew the second I saw them. After a time my dad said, 'You have to go back now,' I knew better than to protest even though with all my heart I wanted to stay.

I never knew how loved I had been, and still am, until this happened. I woke up in the ambulance briefly and died two more times on the operating table. I only left my body once. I will have to describe that as a separate experience.

Nathan - Heart attack

I was having a drink with a friend at a bar.  Then we went to his car to leave. I sat in the car. 

The next thing I noticed is that I was floating above my body as they carried me into my parents home. I watched them give me CPR.  I saw my mother was in total disarray and in tears. Everyone seemed to be in a panic but responded quickly. They took turns giving me CPR. My brother had to take a break while waiting for the ambulance. As the paramedics arrived, they immediately cut my shirt off. I was choking blood out and foaming at the mouth. I clearly remember they shocked me four times. The paramedic said, 'We will try and resuscitate him in the ambulance.' They tried again. They placed me in the ambulance. I was in the ambulance and above my body watching them place the tubes in me.

I was in peace, warm and happy. We arrived at the hospital.  I floated above them and into an operating room as they rolled me onto my side.  Black liquid came out. I saw what everyone was wearing and where my family was standing. They all were in tears. My family was praying. At that time, I saw a bright light with a field and Jesus. He reached out and grabbed my hand. He told me, 'Don't be afraid.' I was at peace the whole time. I could clearly see him. He did the sign of the cross and told me it wasn't my time.

I woke up on life support.  The doctors said it was a miracle. I had less than 1% chance of living and my brain would be dead. But 0% chance of waking up with nothing wrong with me. I'm still here after numerous tests. I told my parents in detail what happened and they said that is impossible, but you are right.  There isn't anything wrong with me other than the things that were wrong with me before. My faith and happiness are restored. I feel close to animals, people, and life. My understanding of where things come from is extremely more intelligent. I am grateful and humbled by the Grace of Jesus Christ. It restored my family's faith also. It brought us closer.

Laura - Clinical death

I don't remember much after I woke up in the ICU but I never forgot this. I had a minor operation under general anesthesia.  After they put the tube in my throat, my larynx started spasming and experiencing acute hypoxia. On arrival to the emergency room, I was incubated and manually ventilated with an oxygen saturation of 80 and with a blood pressure reading of 50 over 40.  My heart stopped briefly.

This is when I experienced looking down at myself and watching myself being worked on. I felt very warm, happy, and safe. A deceased person that was there was very close to me. He looked at me in a loving way. I wanted to stay with him and didn't want to leave him, but I was being sucked closer and closer back towards my body. Every time I tried to resist the pull, he looked very upset and told me not to resist. He kept smiling.  That's all I remember.

Maria - Heart problems

I was out at a bar-restaurant with a friend to celebrate Women's Day. We ordered our drinks and decided to stand at the bar to enjoy them. My friend received a call to go pick up her boyfriend just as the drinks are served, so she left.  I was really very dehydrated but hadn't had water yet.  There was only the alcohol to drink.  I had a sip of my drink and a few seconds later a second sip.

It is normal for since I was a young girl to have intense instincts and visualizations. I started having a strange feeling that something was going to happen to me.  Chills ran up my body and I started feeling dizzy. I slowly started to walk towards a friend at the end of the bar. The room starts spinning, my heart rate was racing, and I could feel my senses slowing down. This was all in slow motion for me. As soon as I reached my friend, I said, 'Don't be scared, but something very bad is going to happen to me!' and I collapsed. They carried me out of the restaurant and I opened my eyes to see my friend and her boyfriend holding me. That's when I whispered with all my might to him, 'George, please do not be scared but I'm leaving!' Again, I collapsed. He carried me downstairs. According to George, he was holding me straight up, standing with one hand wrapped around my waist and the other hand in a head lock. Suddenly he said I slipped right through his arms like a snake. His grip was so strong that he cannot understand or believe that happened. I fell on the floor as my tongue rolled to my throat. At that point he could not feel my heart beat nor my breath.

I suddenly saw myself floating above my body. I was looking downwards at my body, but couldn't see the people around me.  My body looked empty. There was light everywhere that was so breathtaking, magnificent, and absolutely beautiful. It was light like I have never experienced before.  Words cannot describe it.  The light was intelligent, it was endless, and it was communicating with me. I felt perfection, Bliss, Love, Love, Love, and again, words cannot describe the extent of these feelings. I was so HAPPY that I did not want to leave. Suddenly, I looked down at my body and asked, 'Why am I so happy when obviously something bad happened to me?' I told the Light that, 'I do not want to leave, I want to stay here with you.' Then the Light replied, 'But it's not your time!' We were communicating without actually talking with our voice. It was inner talk.

Then I started to feel vibrations from afar.  They were coming closer and closer until suddenly, I felt a strong vibration that caused my entire body to be jerked up and hit the ground again. It felt like my soul entered my body. I opened my eyes and saw my friend and George crying over me.  He was screaming and yelling that I had gone. Can you just imagine their surprise when I opened my eyes? I whispered to them, 'Don't worry I am ok. Everything is OK.'