Quantum Entanglement

Physicists have confirmed that a very, very strange effect can occur with particles called Quantum Entanglement. This is a property where two particles when separated over great distances, exhibit a form of instantaneous communication between the two.

Quantum Entanglement can be best explained with an analogy. Imagine a basketball manufacturer making two exact copies of a basketball, and then giving them to you. Take both basketballs, and put one in your living room and the other in your kitchen. Go and spin the basketball in the living room clockwise now when you check the basketball in the kitchen it too is spinning clockwise.

Now, spin the basketball in the kitchen counter clockwise and check the living room version, it too is now spinning counter clockwise. Now, you can separate them any distance, even across the universe and the same effect occurs. This is what occurs with particles. Einstein called this "spooky action at a distance".  It is not currently understood how this mechanism occurs, it could be another force, dimension or some other unknown property.

It was once thought that in the vacuum of space, there was nothing, zip, zero. We know this is not true any longer due to new discoveries. The fact of the matter is, that in space there are constantly particles popping in and out of existence.

An example of this could be an electron, and with it an anti-particle or positron, which briefly exist for a moment and then annihilate one another and instantly, they are gone. Now, imagine at the moment they suddenly pop into existence you were able to place one on one side of the universe and the other on the far side of the universe, they will act just like the basketballs even when separated by vast distances. We know and have proved this to be the case, but we just do not understand why.

Quantum Entanglement