OBE’s / NDE’s

It may surprise folks to know that an there is an estimated 13 million people in the US alone that have claimed to have had an NDE (near death experience) or OBE (out of body experience). The tremendous rise is attributable to improvements in resuscitation techniques and new medical developments.

It is thought that the number of reported events is much lower than actual numbers because often patients will not acknowledge their experience for many years afterward or not at all. Often, those that have negative experiences do not acknowledge them according to some surveys, due to shame and the trauma associated with the event.

It should be noted that while there are positive and negative experiences regarding OBE's & NDE's, true unrecoverable death has never been reached and consequently due to the impossibility of knowing what occurs, OBE's & NDE's could be completely different from actual death.

The Bible has this to say about permanent death: Hebrews 9:27 which states "Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment". It must be noted there is a difference in an OBE's & NDE's and final, unrecoverable death.

Some Examples of OBE's and NDE's:

In the following material, there are stories of individuals that have experienced OBE's or NDE's, and of course, there are many other examples that can be found as well. The first one is a more popular one. It is the experience of Mickey Robinson, a skydiver which describes his experience after a devastating plane crash. The second one is Dr. Mary Neal, an Orthopedic Physician which experiences a kayaking accident. 

Mickey Robinson Experience


Mickey Robinson: was a professional skydiver; he loved falling from the heavens and drifting safely to earth. But one day just after takeoff for a practice jump, the plane’s engine stalled, hurling Mickey and his companions toward the ground at over 100 miles an hour. “The motor just quit and we had an aerodynamic stall, there was no hope. You had seconds, and then we impacted.”

The plane hit the ground and cart wheeled to a stop. “With my leg sticking out what was now a hole inside of the fuselage, and with my hand I was pulling, trying to get out but something had a hold of my equipment, and I was trapped. And I was soaked with airplane gasoline and on fire from head to toe.”

His friend fought through the flames and pulled Mickey out. In severe pain and losing consciousness, Mickey asked God for help. “For the first time in my life, a man that was totally self sufficient, I relied on my own natural ability and my own strength. For the first time in my life, I called out to a God I didn’t even know and never served. I just said, ‘God, please help me. I’m sorry. Give me another chance.’”

At the hospital, it was quickly evident to the doctors that his chances of survival were not good. “They didn’t think I’d make it through the night. They thought I’d die of shock. I had head trauma, massive lacerations, tremendous burns over my body, and I had some internal injuries they really didn’t even know about. My organs were actually shutting down. I had sepsis, that’s interior infection all over the inside of your lining of your body. My body was fighting a battle that in the natural world, there was no way it could win. I could feel just life leaking out of me.”

“At that point I had an experience -- I had no guide for this at all. My inner being, my spirit man went perpendicular to my body. I was like immediately ejected and transported, and I all of a sudden was thrust into a spiritual dimension. I looked at myself and there was nothing wrong with me. This was a real place. And I was also traveling. I had no control over what was going on. I was like on an upward glide path. I saw a white portal in the distance and I felt a peace about it - emanating from it and I was heading towards there.”

“Then I felt a pressure on my right side just as I was about there. And I looked. I looked into something I can only describe as black, an abyss that was blacker than black. This was eternal. This thing, the more I looked at it, the more it closed in to where I was, and almost by this white portal and it was eclipsing it and I cried out the same, clumsy, desperate thing I’d said in the ambulance, in the emergency room, on the operating table, No God! I’m sorry. I want to live. I want to be alive.’ And as those words gushed out, desperately out of my spirit, I was thrust through this white portal and instantly I was standing in the presence of Almighty God. And I knew I would never die. It transcended everything I knew or could imagine about the great things in the world. It went above and beyond all - anything I could imagine.”

Mickey clearly remembers how he felt, “The love of God is, It’s so pure, it’s so perfect, it’s so incredible. I didn’t see any creatures, I didn’t see any angels, I didn’t see the pearly gates, Peter checking ID’s, and all this stuff in people’s concepts. I didn’t see any of that. But the glory of God, the radiance of God, but mostly God Himself and the magnificence of His love is - the undiluted love of God was being poured into me. There was nothing negative allowed to be in the presence of God. So I was pure and I was innocent. And it’s so incredible the ecstasy, the bliss, the joy, all the stuff we’ve read about, when you really experience it, we don’t have words. We’re going to have to invent new words.”

Despite wanting to stay in heaven, Mickey says he was sent back to his body. He says, “My spirit came back from the presence of God, came to the hospital, sank into my body, much like when a person would slip a glove on their hand. And I was so full of life and love. And around the bed was about a half a dozen doctors and nurses, and I had this ability to know what they were experiencing. And these people were terrified. They just saw me die and come back to life. And they were scared of what they saw. And there I am, whatever was left of my face had a silly grin, I was full of joy. I was so happy to be alive and I had - I had this love and I didn’t know what to call it. But I loved everybody and everything.”

Mickey says from that day on he began to see God working miracles in his life. Doctors said he would not be able to walk again due to nerve damage in his legs, but the nerves regenerated and after five years of blindness in his right eye, his sight was restored. “Part of God’s love is His ability to restore. And everything that was lost, He’s been restoring. You really appreciate your life when it’s restored. I think any amount of restoration; we need to really thank God for it. And to think that the huge amount of restoration I have, I need to be grateful every day.”

He wrote a book detailing his experiences called "Falling into Heaven".  Mickey says of all the miracles he has been a part of in his life, it is God’s love that has meant the most to him.

“I’m blown away that God loves me. I’m blown away that I - God took a mess and made a masterpiece out of it. Not my masterpiece; His.”

Mickey has traveled the world proclaiming the love of God and the healing power of Jesus that he has experienced during his second chance at life on earth.

“There’s only one path to God.” He says, “Jesus says, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And no one comes to the Father but through Me.’ The blind see. The lame walk. The dead are raised. I didn’t have leprosy, but I did have pretty bad skin problems. And He binds up the broken hearted. If we did a forensic study, and checked all the fingerprints, they would only add up to Jesus Christ. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. Nobody else could do this but Jesus Christ.

Dr. Mary Neal - Orthopedic Doctor


Dr. Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon, After almost drowning in 1999 during a kayaking accident while on a trip to Chile - and supposedly going without oxygen for 24 minutes - Neal remarkably survived without sustaining any brain damage. And as if that weren’t miraculous enough, she claims that she visited heaven, interacted with spirits and was warned about her son’s death 10 years before it happened - an experience that left her confused and in awe. “I really needed to figure out what I had experienced. I have gone through the process of coming up with alternative explanations,” the doctor told OWN TV’s “In Deep Shift,” noting that she considered the possibility of dreams and hallucinations. ”We always want to find an explanation that we can understand other than something that is divine. I am a very concrete thinker. I’m not fanciful. I don’t exaggerate.” After all that exploration, though, Neal claims that she believes what happened to her “was beyond science,” describing what she purportedly saw in heaven. “I mean the beauty was incredibly intense,” she said. “There is no other earthly equivalent.” She recalled entering a “domed structure” and being greeted by spirits who were “overjoyed” by her arrival — and she described these entities as being physical beings that had a notable and visible formation. “They had a physical form. They had heads, arms, legs and were wearing some sort of robes,” “I knew they were there to love me and guide me and protect me.” Neal recalls not wanting to leave heaven, but the spirits told her that it was not her time and subsequently reunited her with her body, she claims - but not before telling her something that would haunt her memory for years to come.In addition to asking Neal to share her story with others, she claims that the spirits said her oldest son would die at some point in the future. “They didn’t tell me the date or the time, but it was very clear that would be happening,” she said. ”I woke up every day hoping the plan for my son’s life would change.” Ten years later in 2009, she said she learned on the very day that she completed her memoir that her son had died in an automobile accident.