Miracles are often thought to be events that are outside the constraints of physical law. Some excuse miracles for natural law and circumstances of probability. While surely this is the case and no rational thinking person could discount this fact, there to exist events that are far beyond the chance probability and natural law. Of course, a miracle can be summarized as an interference with nature by supernatural power.

Today, with the purely materialistic philosophy being challenged by quantum mechanics and a realm which defies logical and systematic thought and where events occur which are beyond the explanation of known physical laws, we should pause and reconsider that our materialistic world is the real illusion and a spiritual world exists all around us. 

Science is beginning to show us though the evidence obtained from NDE's and OBE's, that the "spirit" or "soul" does indeed exist outside the container of the body.  Considering that our spirit or soul is linked to the body a mere 100 years or less (in most cases), then the time outside our body should really the main source of our concern.

The most fundamental miracle of all is how a soul or spirit is linked with a human baby's body and developed into a person. We take that one for granted because it happens every minute with the birth of a little over 4 people per second in the world and about 2 deaths per second in the world.

There are miracles all around us daily but we fail to see them because we have been conditioned to automatically expect they are a product of chance, choice, and timing. It would most likely knock off our socks if we knew the true volume of miracles per day.

Miracles of all Miracles:

There is a story that has circulated for many years of a mid-western farmer that was gazing out his front window during one of the most vicious snow storms of the past one hundred years.  As he watched the blizzard dump snow in the sub-zero weather he noticed a group of birds gathered under a hay wagon he had left not far from his barn.

It was evident the birds were cold since they continued to fluff their feathers in an effort to create an air pocket between their feathers and their cold near frozen bodies.

As the farmer continued to watch the poor creatures work so hard to stay warm, a thought popped into his mind. He could go to his barn and start a kerosene heater and then open the doors and surely the birds would sense the warmth inside the barn and rush in when he had left the area.

He immediately rushed out and in short order had a warm fire started in his heater and spread the doors wide open so the birds could fly directly in as they rushed to the warm environment.

The farmer returned to his house and waited for the birds to rush in as soon as they realized how much better it would be inside the barn. He waited, and waited, and waited some more, but they would not go in.

Suddenly he realized possibly the blowing snow was making it hard for them to sense the warmth he had created for them and so he figured he simply needed to put some food around the heater so that they could smell the aroma of some of his leftover dinner rolls. Once again he headed out after breaking the dinner rolls up into smaller pieces so he could sprinkle them all around the heater.

Again, back inside to his front window, but still the birds would not budge. He thought for a minute and realized maybe he needed to sprinkle a small trail of bread outside the barn and lead it into the heater area, surely they would come then. Once again, he dashes out into the blizzard and quickly spreads the crumbs from the heater to the outside, carefully laying out a tempting treat that surely they would flock to and gradually work their way inside the warm barn.

Back inside again, he watched as they quickly flew to the bread crumbs outside the barn and began devouring the bread as they worked their way to the barns front doors but they stopped eating as soon as they reached the front doors. The birds looked in and clearly wanted the bread inside, however, they would never go inside the doors where the remainder of the bread that surrounded the heater which would quickly bring them warmth and shelter.

The farmer watched, completely perplexed, he had all but put the food and warmth in front of them but they would not go in, likely due to fear of what lay inside the huge structure and possibly even afraid of this giant and his world.

He thought and thought for a solution, then suddenly it hit him, if he could become a bird, then, then he could communicate what lay ahead and they would understand and not be afraid and would enter in and warm themselves. 

Instantly, it all became completely clear that God had already demonstrated the very thing that he wished he could do and became man so that He could show us His plan to save us as well.

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14