Hope is what keeps mankind going even in despair. Once a person loses hope, their drive to continue on withers away. Hope cannot be underestimated for its value in keeping a person marching forward even when insurmountable odds await.

If you have ever experienced chronic pain or have known someone that has, a common word soon is used when you ask them how they got through it all, it was Hope. They look to the future with anticipation that the pain will one day cease. When hope runs out, suicide sometimes follows. 

Of course, the living can have the hope of death when life is going horribly bad, and even individuals having to endure torture know that worst case, death could bring relief, however, think how utterly distressing it would be if you were in a place where even death was not an option. What if you were already dead and were having to endure an endless and relentless pain and torment, or even minor pain or torment that does not end without hope would be unbearable.

In a twisted sense, a lottery represents hope to the poor. For this reason, lotteries are a great revenue source. Some of the poor, with no real hope of ever breaking out of the stress of having little money for their day to day existence, see hope in the thought they may get "lucky" and the grand payoff will come. Even when the odds are greatly against them of a substantial pay-off, they harbor hope that maybe, just maybe God will intervene and allow them to win.