Some will attempt to make an argument that God had to create evil since God created everything, however, good and evil are not physical properties but rather a state such as light and dark. Darkness cannot exist unless you have the absence of light. Cold does not exist unless you have the absence of heat.  

It is clear that every people group or nationality have a clear sense of good and evil. Even in societies where a god is not a part of their regular way of life, there still exists rules or laws that promote a sense of good towards others and penalties when those rules or laws are violated.

We all have an evil nature which is evident at birth. A baby comes into the world wailing about his new environment. They suddenly emerge from a warm cozy world and are thrust into one that was cold and very brutal. As children age they are prone to be selfish, they want what they want when they want it and that innate desire to fulfill their every desire has to be educated to expect and accept that getting everything they want is not necessarily a good thing.

The lesson of Ole Mose:

Back in the early 50’s a reasonably wealthy man, Mr. Abrams owned a number of sawmills in the south. If you have never worked in a sawmill, it gets really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer.

One hot summer day Mr. Abrams had a crew deliver some wood from one of his sawmills to his house for carpenters that were busy building an addition to his house.

When the workers arrived they started unloading the lumber for the carpenters. Mr. Abrams went outside to thank the men for bringing the wood to his house and as he approached them from behind, he noticed one of his employees nicknamed Ole Mose was mumbling under his breath “that damn atem”, over and over. As Mr. Abrams watched every time Ole Mose went back to the truck and lifted one of the heavy timbers in the 100 plus degrees weather Ole Mose would mumble “that damn atem”.

As the crew was finishing up, Mr. Abrams walked over to Ole Mose and asked him why he kept mumbling “that damn atem” under his breath. As he continued to press Ole Mose for the answer, Ole Mose finally blurted out, “If it hadn’t been for that damn Adam eatin that fruit, I would not be out in this heat having to work so hard and I might have a cool house like you have.

Mr. Abrams thought for a minute and figured he would make a deal with Ole Mose and teach him a lesson so he invited him to come with him inside his house. Ole Mose thought he was about to be fired for complaining about his work, but Mr. Abrams asked Ole Mose to sit in his own soft padded, very comfortable chair while he went to another room to get a small expensive jewel box.

When Mr. Abrams returned to the room, he told Ole Mose that he would make a deal with him, and that every day when he came to work, instead of going to the hot and dusty sawmill, he could come to his cool house and sit in his fine comfortable chair and relax and enjoy the comforts of his cool and comfortable home.

Ole Mose perplexed, simply said what do I have to do for this? Mr. Abrams replied, I have to go on a trip out of town and I have a very expensive jewel box here and I want you to watch over it and keep it safe and don’t let anyone steal it while I am off on my trip. Ole Mose, with thoughts rushing through his head of how great he was going to have it, quickly he responded, “gladly sir, I will protect it with my life”.

Mr. Abrams started to leave the room and as he turned to leave he looked over toward Ole Mose and said, I have to go on a business trip and there is just one condition to my offer, you must not open the box. I have to keep the contents secret or others would want to steal it. Ole Mose replied, boss, I will guard it and protect it, nothing to worry about, and I hope you have a good trip.

Well, the next day comes and Ole Mose has to pass by the sawmill each morning on the way to Mr. Abrams house and Ole Mose just could not resist rubbing in the fact that he was headed up to his cool, cool house to do some secret work for Mr. Abrams. Ole Mose gets to the house and sits in the super comfortable chair and falls to sleep. When he awakes his first thought was to make sure the jewel box was still there, and of course it was.

At the close of the first day, Ole Mose passes the sawmill and rubs it in a little more how good he has it. The second day arrives and Ole Mose just cannot believe how good life is and actually begins to pat himself on the back for the mumbling and complaining he did which landed him this fine situation. About midday, suddenly it hits Ole Mose, why did Mr. Abrams ask him to watch over the box when he could have just put it in his bank's safe deposit box.

End of the second day, same routine, rubs his fine situation into his buddies down at the sawmill. The third day arrives, and Ole Mose is really getting into his new cozy position but he looks at the box again and thinks, what in the world could be so important or expensive that Mr. Abrams does not want others to know. So he thinks and thinks, maybe it is a rare jewel of some type but then considers again about why not in a bank. Another thought hits him, could it be the deeds to all his property, again back to the bank.

He leaves again doing the same routine but now he goes home and has trouble sleeping due to thinking about the contents of the box. The fourth day arrives and Ole Mose is completely stumped as to what could be in the box. Now he finds himself staring at the box wondering what in the world could be so important for him to guard all this time. Thoughts start entering his mind, surely Mr. Abrams would not mind me peeking in to see what was inside, after all, if he could see how valuable it was then surely Mr. Abrams would appreciate his understanding of the value of what he was guarding.

The end of the fourth day comes, same routine. Ole Mose arrives the fifth day, no sleep the night before and he finds he is completely overcome with curiosity. Today, he thinks that maybe it would be best not to tell Mr. Abrams that he peeked and after all no one but himself would know anyway, he would just never say anything about it and his curiosity would be healed.

Ole Mose struggles all day long trying to guess what was in the box. As Friday comes to an end and he realizes Mr. Abrams would return from his trip the next day, he begins to think his window of opportunity was beginning to close, after all with Mr. Abrams around, it would be harder to sneak the time in to open and go through the box.

Finally, Ole Mose cannot fight the curiosity any longer, he has been staring at the box all day and finally he sits it on his lap still staring at it. Pretty soon the unknown is just too much for him and he reached for the lid and cracked it open only to realize it had been sealed with a seal that severed when he opened it. Fully committed now, Ole Mose slowly raises the lid and tries to peek in but can only see something white on the bottom. He lifts the lid fully opening it and sees a folded piece of paper, thinking it could be a lock code, or maybe some secret piece of information such as stock certificates for his company. He pulls the paper out and opens it up, and realizes it is a hand written note from Mr. Abrams that says:


You scoundrel, all this time you blamed Adam for all your woes, and now you find out that had you been in Adam’s place, you would have done the exact same thing. Now, since you broke our agreement, get back to the sawmill and I do not want to hear you mumbling about life being the fault of someone else ever again.

Consider The Ramifications of An Evil God:

God is the source of all "Goodness". Have you ever considered how fortunate we are that he is a good God. Consider the ramifications had he not been a good God. There would be nothing but evil in our lives. We would awaken each day wondering what torment he would put us through that day, just so he could have his jollies watching us suffer at the hands of one another.

There would be no hope for the future, no hope for justice, and no hope for things ever getting better. We could be the proverbial ants under the foot of a child that wishes to show his power over his subjects and stomp them into oblivion.

If God had been evil, we would be no more than ants to squash, or placed under a giant magnifying glass and burned to death under the heat of the sun. When he was through with us on Earth, he could condemn us all to the burning flames of hell, just for the hell of it.

if God were an evil god, he could have created us simply for our short time on earth and dispose of us after we could no longer feed his evil nature. He would enjoy watching us slowly die in great pain without any hope of serving any good purpose in life.

We are fortunate we have a God that is just, does good, loves us and walked in our shoes for 30+ years in order to fulfill an ingenious plan to cut our enemy Satan, off at the pass. We are fortunate that this God we have does indeed intervene in our daily lives to give us hope.