Was there a designer of the universe? That is of course, one of the biggest questions of all time. The happenstance chance that the creation of the Universe came into being by a repetitive process of chance and evolution is flawed if for no other reason than by an infinitesimally small probability that such could occur.

It requires far more faith to expect that the Universe continually collapsed and exploded / expanded over and over until the proper combination of an endless list of requirements lined up with the proper sequence, quantity, and laws.

The argument is not whether God created everything in 6,000 to 10,000 or that an evolutionary process produced man from ape but rather, did there have to be a designer and how likely is it that this whole process was self-initiating or was there a supreme intelligent design. 

Today, we know the odds are astronomical against a non-designer based universe and since we now know the universe is expanding at an accelerated speed and is not slowing as required by a repetitive cycle of explosion and implosion that at best would require billions of years for each cycle. Below are just 10 obvious problems with a self-creating process.

  1. Earth is precisely the right distance from the sun so we would not burn or fry to death. The Moon was the right size and distance to assist in the right atmosphere on Earth. The core of the Earth was made of Iron, which in turn gave us a magnetic field that shields us from the life killing radiation of the Sun. We have large planets like Jupiter and Saturn that act as an asteroid and comet magnet which protects the Earth from those hazards. 
  2. The vast abundance of water on our planet is extremely rare and covers about 71% of the surface of the Earth. It has also been discovered that there is enough water trapped in a material called Ringwoodite which is 250 to 400 miles down and could be as much as three times the volume of our oceans.  
  3. There is evidence of species mutation and adaptation, however, there is no evidence of species to species evolution.
  4. The complexity of DNA alone and the probability against it evolving into a usable sequence required for life is so staggering, it numbs the mind to the chance it evolved from disorder. 
  5. The theory of evolution claims that some systems become more ordered over time however the Second Law of  Thermodynamics demands that everything becomes more disordered over time. Metal rusts, mountains weather away, radioactive materials decay, living organisms die, machines wear themselves down and are rendered useless.
  6. No observable evidence that living matter has sprung from non-living matter.
  7. Missing links still are lost. "Lucy" once dubbed the missing link is not. Evolution does not cause an ape man covered with hair to evolve less hairy bodies and require clothing to keep warm.
  8. The probability of even one single protein molecule consisting of 200 amino acids arising spontaneously by chance is 1 in 10 raised to power of 260. This is calculated by raising 20 (the number of different types amino acids available) to the power of 200 (the number of amino acids in the protein chain). Even if the whole universe was packed with amino acids combining frantically for billions of years, it would not produce even one such protein molecule let alone produce a living cell.
  9. It is estimated that the human body may contain over two million different proteins, each with a unique function. Probability in favor of designer.
  10. Where did the matter and energy come from before it got here? 

So where did man come from? 

At this point, we have a dilemma. Could man have evolved from a lesser life form?  Yes, it is possible, but there is no definitive evidence he did. Does this crash and burn the creationist faith? No, it should not. God could still have used this process to create everything however, the evidence of evolution being the source is lacking. Note: Mankind is not a mankind unless he has a soul. Mankind could have evolved to a certain level and then God threw in the soul and bammm, there is mankind!

Could everything have been created over billions of years and evolved and then God dropped mankind in thousands of years ago? Yes. Could He have created everything including dinosaur skeletons, petrified other stuff, stars that exist in various aged stages instantaneously? Yes why not, if we can believe there is a God that created all that is, why would we limit Him by this?

After all, if God can create a vast, awesome, hard to fathom universe, you could argue He also has the ability to create it any way He wishes. Logically, it appears there is overwhelming evidence that an orderly, intelligent, law-driven creator was behind the design of the universe and everything in it.