Death is the great leveler of all mankind. Great, small, rich and poor, all meet the same fate.  We come in and go out with the same thing, NOTHING. You may one day soon lay in a bed sick or injured, dying from your afflictions and contemplate death but the odds are greater that you will die in an accident or heart attack with no time to contemplate your death. 

You may be talking with your spouse, child or friend and suddenly / instantly be trust into the reality of death, forever separated from this world. It is worthy of our attention to contemplate our demise before hand so that we might at least know a little of what to expect. 

There is more evidence of life after death in modern times partially due to improved resuscitation techniques and advanced healthcare. When some of the individuals return from OBE's or NDE's with information that could have been gained no other way than viewed from a different vantage point from their bodies, it is further evidence this is not simple irregular brain activity, drugs or other explainable circumstances.

There is certainly an unseen world all around us and those with positive encounters when encountering OBE's (Out of Body Experiences) or NDE's (Near Death Experiences) tell of experiences apart from their bodies with amazing detail. it leaves them with no desire to return to their bodies once there, especially for those that were in pain before entering that experience.

Some, just after leaving their bodies will stand next to their physical body completely perplexed at first by the experience. Some will hover near the ceiling of rooms and gain knowledge of events around them that would be impossible from the vantage point of their bodies. Others are immediately propelled into this new experience, amazed by the details.

Others will suddenly find themselves surrounded by an immensely bright light, a thousand times brighter than the sun, however, it is loving and extremely pleasant.

There are reports of enhanced senses, beauty, awe, and wonder.  A place where all of our senses are expanded exponentially, one where you could hear 1000 songs all at once and understand the words of everyone at the same moment. There is also communication with those they meet which is not spoken but simply understood as if mind reading.

There are colors that cannot be described, unbelievably sharp images, sounds never heard, a sense of timelessness and yet a sense of eternity. Some will be greeted by deceased relatives and friends and even meet relatives that were not known of before the experience. Most all experience an embracing love by others they meet. Of course, many sense the presence of God at a distance or close by, but definitely characterized by a profound love for them.  More here

Now a bit less common but equally real, are experiences which are horrific and disturbing. Researchers believe these experiences occur more often than reported but remain concealed due to the disturbing nature of their experience or from embarrassment of the fact they actually were in such a horrible place.

Some in their brief encounters are suddenly thrust into a blackness which they struggle to describe completely, but they do know the nature of this blackness is eternal. They understand it is a non-negotiable place, a pit with no bottom and cut off from all source of life. There is a separation forever within it. A place you would not want any human being to have to experience, a place you would not even want the worst human being to go to.

There are accounts of people suddenly being thrust into a hellish environment where there is a sense of absolutely nothing good, immense evil all around. There are horrific creatures that were not of this natural world, entirely evil, and possessed with pure, unrestrained hatred, which completely paralyzed their victims. These creatures were exclusively evil and terror ridden and were huge and manifested evil completely. 

There are accounts of individuals in this evil environment which understood, should they stay, they would be consumed with the feelings and pain which they caused others to experience. It is if their torment would be continually reliving the exact pain which they were responsible for causing others.

Nothing or no one could escape this torture via death, for not even that was an option. Death penetrated them but eluded them. The creatures in this place seemed to derive pleasure in the pain and terror they inflicted upon them. When they plead for mercy, they had none, there was absolutely no mercy. The creatures seemed to be incapable of mercy, they were pure evil. No mercy existed in that place. Mercy is from God in heaven aloneMore here

There have been an estimated 111 Billion people that have lived and died since 8000 BC. Unfortunately, there is ZERO evidence you or I will escape the same fate. If you adopt the position that a person is simply annihilated at death, of course, there is no evidence that and you would be at a disadvantage to provide any evidence just by the nature of the argument.

The very notion of death is depressing to some, it may dredge up memories of past friends or relatives and the separation from them or simply the fatalistic belief that all is lost at death and the very essence of what and who we are ceases to exist. The argument that the individual simply ceased to exist would appear to be a fail safe for those that possess no hope for life or existence after death.

Bottom line, we are in a bit of a pickle. If we assume there is a spiritual realm, then are all religions the same? The short answer is no. Most all other religions, if not all focus on what we (mankind - also womankind) must do to attain the good favor of a God. Christianity, on the other hand, says there is absolutely nothing we can do to earn the favor of God except realize working for forgiveness or salvation is of no value and that Christ is the solution and is the only way to God. That's our only out for this dilemma.