90 Minutes In Heaven

90 Minutes in Heaven

Don Piper, a Texas pastor has written a book about his experience after a devastating accident in which he had a death experience. He was establishing a new church and was traveling home from a statewide Baptist conference. While driving across a two-lane bridge near Huntsville, an 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck driven by a prison inmate crashed into Piper’s Ford sedan, crushing the vehicle and terribly injuring him.

Fortunately, another minister drives by the accident scene just in time to pray over the apparently dead Piper and was elated when Don not only is revived but joins him in a song. Unfortunately, Don’s trials had only just begun. Doctors in Huntsville and, later, a Houston trauma center were hard-pressed to patch up a man so battered and broken that, as one specialist notes, a broken pelvis is considered a low-priority item on the long list of injuries.

Even after his condition is more or less stabilized, Don remained burdened by near-constant pain, with periods of depression, and troubled by guilt and shame as he feels unworthy of the prayers and attention paid by family and friends. After getting a glimpse of what lies on the other side, he is less than eager to face the ongoing extensive pain of recovery.  

In the video below he tells of his experience of death and what he encountered. He explains how he was immediately in heaven and saw relatives that had passed on and how he could hear what seemed to be a thousand songs all at once. He tells of how colors were so vivid and beautiful and how he did not want to return.

He explains how he did not have pain when in heaven but as soon as he returned to his body he exploded in pain. Even today he explains if he has an accident do not attempt to revive him.

90 Minutes in Heaven